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Why can't I watch CATCHPLAY+ after I pay for a plan?
If you have paid but are still unable to watch, please refer below for more information: Account-related issue There is a possibility that you have more ...
I already subscribed, why do I still need to watch an advertisement to watch a content?
We have expanded the diversity and richness of content in the FREE section, but your original rights will not be affected at all. 
How to differentiate the videos in each category?
Please refer to the icons below to differentiate the videos in each category: (click image to enlarge)
I am a subscriber/paid for a movie, do I have to watch advertisement?
When you subscribe to our service as a Primary Paid Account or pay to watch SINGLE RENTALs, you will not see any advertisements. You'll only see ads in ...
Can I skip the advertisement?
Some of the advertisement can be skipped.
I am interested on putting an advertisement on your site, how can I submit it?
You can send us your contact details and proposal through the CONTACT US button below and our support team will get back to you as soon as possible.
We would like to share the joy of watching movies and series with users who, like us, enjoy them. Therefore, for any paid account during the subscription pe...

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