We would like to share the joy of watching movies and series with users who, like us, enjoy them. Therefore, for any paid account during the subscription period, if you watch any movie or series for more than 30 minutes (excluding trailers and extras), and maintain your subscription for the following month, we will reward you with one "REWARDED SINGLE RENTAL" in the next subscription cycle, automatically deposited into your paid account. 

  • This ticket can be used to redeem any SINGLE RENTAL movie of your choice (movies labeled with "SINGLE RENTAL").

  • This ticket cannot be used to rent Early Access at Home.

  • To check the remaining quantity of movie SINGLE RENTAL tickets in your account, please click on "My Account" → "SINGLE RENTALS" for verification.

  • You can watch movies on any device supported by CATCHPLAY+, and there are no restrictions on the type of movies you can watch.

  • As long as you maintain your paid membership, the REWARDED SINGLE RENTALs will continue to accumulate. However, if you cancel your subscription, all unused  REWARDED SINGLE RENTALs obtained will become invalid when the plan ends. Even if you later resubscribe, they cannot be restored or reissued.

  • CATCHPLAY+ reserves the right to cancel, terminate, interpret, or suspend this event.