SINGLE RENTAL section films are not included in the subscription content due to the Licensor’s policy. To watch these films, you will need to rent them individually. This is a common practice on most platforms, and some platforms may not even offer this option.

If you are the primary paid account (group administrator) for our "Group Plan", you can enjoy a special 15% discount on SINGLE RENTAL movies (excluding Early Access at Home) if you purchase through the official website. For additional information, please refer to the plan descriptions in our various subscription options.

About SINGLE RENTAL movies

Purchased SINGLE RENTAL movies are valid for 30 days after purchase. Once you have clicked on WATCH NOW on the purchased movie, the title will play immediately and you will have 48 hours of unlimited watch.

For SINGLE RENTAL movies that are redeemed from existing movie tickets in your account, the title will play immediately and you will have 48 hours of unlimited watch. You may check the validity of your SINGLE RENTAL titles through My List Rented & Redeemed.


SINGLE RENTAL tickets that are included in any plans are valid for use within your membership period and cannot be carried over to the next membership period. If the SINGLE RENTAL tickets are redeemed via external code, the ticket is valid within the validity date mentioned on the T&C.

You can check your SINGLE RENTAL tickets validity period under My Account.

Early Access at Home

The right of Early Access at Home allows users to watch ahead of SINGLE RENTAL, so any promotional code, subscription inclusive, or rewarded single rental tickets or discount cannot be applied.