If you want to change or delete the registered credit card in your CATCHPLAY+ account, follow the steps below:


Please follow these steps below to change your credit card information:

1. Open the CATCHPLAY+ official website in a browser and Log in to your CATCHPLAY + account

2. Go to My Account and under the Profile, you will see your plan information

3. Click on the active Plan section

4. Click Edit on the right side of the Payment Method

5. Enter the last four digits of the original credit card number and confirm it, fill in the new card information and confirm itPossible reasons for changing failure:

(1) The network environment is unstable

(2) The replaced card doesn't have the auto-renew function

(3) The credit card number/expiry date/CVC is incorrect

(4) Payment is made through Line Pay (Since credit cards registered under Line Pay cannot be changed within CATCHPLAY+, you need to do so through the Line Pay platform and resubscribe to the plan using the new card)


To delete your credit card information, please reach out to us via the CONTACT US button below by providing your account nickname and mobile number or email address used to register. The account deletion process may take up to 3 working days.