Please see below to check, claim, and consolidate your eGUI receipt:

Check the Receipt 

If you have chosen a credit card or Line Pay as your payment method, CATCHPLAY+ will issue it via the ECPay platform.  If you want to reference or consolidate your eGUI receipt on the e-invoice platform, please visit the ECPay Website and input your receipt details,  If you have chosen to donate your receipt or already consolidated it in your account carrier, you will not be able to change this information.  If you have chosen to make payment via your telecom billing, your telecom provider will provide the eGUI receipt.

Claim a Winning Receipt 

If you have already consolidated your eGUI receipt in your account carrier, please follow the instruction provided by the carrier to claim your winning prize.  If you have not consolidated your eGUI receipt, you will receive an email notification from the ECPay platform.  You will be able to print the said receipt from the 7-ELEVEN ibon machine countrywide. Please refer to the Printer Steps to print out a physical GUI receipt to claim your winning prize.  If your winning receipt was made via telecom billing, the notification will be sent by your telecom provider.

Consolidate Receipts to an Account Carrier 

If you have used a credit card or LINE Pay for payment, you will be able to do so via Purchase History and under Receipt Type, click on Receipt Claim and follow the steps via ECPay to consolidate. If you have chosen telecom billing, please refer to your respective billing provider for further information.